Geno Ford is the new men’s basketball coach at Bradley

| March 27, 2011

Geno Ford was named men’s basketball coach at Bradley University tonight.

The whirlwind romance moved fast.

Ford told the Record-Courier he was about to board a flight for Peoria, Ill. where the Bradley campus is located. At that time, Ford said he did not have a contract offer.

The Cessna Citation left Akron Fulton Airport at 6:58 p.m.

Within 2 1/2 hours, Ford’s face was on the Bradley University website, introducing him as the Braves new head coach.


Hard for Ford to turn down the offer.

I just confirmed he will make $700,000 in annual base salary, but with reachable incentives, it could be worth more than $900,000.

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  1. Have Some Composure says:

    I know links don’t post well on this board but type in “NCAA attendance Division 1 basketball” into google and click the first link.

    I can’t find the 2011 numbers, don’t think they’re up yet but In 2010, Bradley was 52nd in the country in attendance in a year they went .500 overall and in conference! The only non power conference teams ahead of them were Memphis, Creighton, BYU, UNLV, New Mexico, Dayton, Wichita State, Xavier and Utah State.

    The other schools around Bradley in attendance are Iowa, Clemson, Cal, Washington, Duke, Virginia Tech, Texas Tech and LSU.

    You think that is a “minor” jump? More than doubling his salary? Would anyone who has their salary double tomorrow think that was a minor jump?

    I would guess Bradley charters flights to any game more than a couple of hours away, rather than taking 6 hour bus rides like they must at Kent State.

    As for St. Mary’s, while Randy Bennett has built a great program, that is another spot that has thrived because of the coach rather than the environment. St. Mary’s is a better PROGRAM right now because of what Bennett has done. What he has done there is outstanding but in terms of facilities, financial support and $$, Bradley might be a better job than St. Mary’s…

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  2. bopol says:

    If it’s such a major jump, then they can buy Geno out of his contract. What’s the question here? If a student didn’t pay tuition, Kent doesn’t let him graduate. They don’t forgive parking tickets. But they are going to let this be negotiated? It’s a big jump up. So just pay it.

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  3. Kent 76 says:

    Jimbo, I meant for ALL schools to be permitted only one-year contracts, that way no school has any advantage as to a coach’s status. I know, though, that it won’t ever happen. I’m just saying….

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  4. Jimbo says:

    Because they get more people in the seats means they are a major step up? They obviously pay more than us but outside of that I am not convinced they are even a minor bump up. If Bradley is such a great program then why are they stooping to the level to take from us?

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  5. mmucha says:

    from the stater:

    But Nielsen said he does not want Kent State to be known as “a training ground” — a term he has heard before. Since 2000, the men’s basketball program has been a stepping-stone for coaches.

    “Last year, I thought we made some progress,” Nielsen said. “We hoped the changes we made and the buyout would have helped establish us some greater certainty and consistency.”

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  6. Jimbo says:

    “I’m an Ohio guy,” he said. “I’ve spent almost my entire adult life in the MAC. This is home for me. I have zero aspirations of doing anything other than being here and winning a ton of games. Hopefully, they can wheel me off the floor one day and not to a chorus of boos.”

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  7. Jimbo says:

    Kennedy felt no need to conduct a national search to find Christian’s successor, and there was no external pressure to look outside the program.

    “We’re built to last,” he said, “and when you’re built to last, you look within for your next leader.”

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    • DavidCarducci says:

      Hi jimbo,
      It’s a good point regarding Kennedy. I think part of that with Kennedy is that he had been here for a while and had a better feel for the promotions with Christian and Ford.
      In the case of Nielsen and Kleinlein, they are still less than a year into their stay in Kent. They started out with football as the top priority, so they are still just learning about the tradition of KSU basketball.
      intellectually, they understand they have a great basketball program at Kent State. But like you might do when you inherit a vintage car, you get it appraised so you really understand its value.
      Nielsen and Kleinlein can’t just instantly hire Senderoff. They have only just had the chance to get to know him. THey may even think he is probably the right man for the job, I don’t know. But even if they do, they owe it to themselves to go out and see what kind of people are interested in the job and why. It helps them better understand what they have. In the end, my hunch is they will confirm that Senderoff is the best person to take this forward.

      I understand your thought process from this post:
      “Because they get more people in the seats means they are a major step up? They obviously pay more than us but outside of that I am not convinced they are even a minor bump up. If Bradley is such a great program then why are they stooping to the level to take from us?”

      It’s a very understandable thought.

      Here’s the way I’ve come to think of it the more I get to know coaches here and at different programs over the years….

      Bradley isn’t a better program. Kent State is by far a better program.
      Bradley, however, is a better job than Kent State.
      Coaches see that as two distinctly different things.

      For example, the tradition, the winning, the way that the program is viewed by other programs around the country, Bradley doesn’t even come close to standing up to Kent State. Visit with programs in California, Colorado, Texas, Florida, wherever, they have tremendous respect for Kent State and the way this thing was built, and built by people with very few resources. In some ways, the further you get from Kent State, the more people are impressed by what is being done here.

      Bradley is a better job because of what you have there. You get paid more. You get a great office with furniture that doesn’t look like it was from the 1960’s. You get a film room that’s basically a movie theater. You get that long coveted practice facility where you can actually have your team on the floor and not be worried about getting kicked out for volleyball practice. You get a private jet to take you to recruit instead of driving to New York or North Carolina to see a kid. You get to charter too and from games, including from Peoria to Carbondale (a three-hour drive), as compared to KSU where you bus nine hours from Kent to Northern Illinois. At Bradley you have all the money you need as opposed to having to fight for every dollar and having every penny you spend questioned. At Bradley you get a car you pick out and can actually fit a basketball recruit into as opposed to Kent where you are forced to drive a compact car because that’s what you are assigned and then when you offer to pay for an upgrade you are told it’s not allowed basically because other coaches would be jealous.

      Those little every day things that make life at work easier and more enjoyable, that’s the job. And that’s what is better at Bradley.

      Now, the task for Ford is to try to build a program there. Just because you have all of those niceties doesn’t mean you can always complete the task of building a program that matches Kent State. As good as guys like Gary Waters, Stan Heath and Jim Christian were at Kent State, they haven’t yet been able to build and sustain programs at other places. Yes Waters has had some success, but it has still been something of a run at CSU of up one year, down the next, up the year after that.

      Anyway, I think the people who look at Bradley as a step up look at it in those terms. It’s the job that is a step up, not the program.

  8. mmucha says:


    thanksfully, laing has been asked to guide nielson thru this process. liang will be key influencer in this decision.

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  9. TheWJ says:

    hey Dave,
    Change of pace question….If im not mistaken Rod majored in sports management, would he be at all interested in being a graduate assistant anywhere (or even at Kent?)

    Also I know your hands are probably when it comes to the topic of players status’. Are we keeping all our players that were scheduled to return? It’d be a shame to lose any member of this team. Also what about recruits that we had coming in? Hopefully they are still on board or have things changed since Ford’s departure?

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    • DavidCarducci says:

      Hi guys.
      Been another busy day.
      It’s 5:22 now. Have to write, but I’ll be back to read everything and respond later tonight.
      Hope you all understand

    • DavidCarducci says:

      Hi TheWJ,

      It’s a good question regarding Rod. I’ll ask him. I’m not sure if he has Europe on his plans or coaching, or even something else in the game.

      With regard to players staying or leaving, I think it’ll depend on what happens with Senderoff.

      I think if Senderoff is not the next head coach, you will see a very different roster next season.

  10. dannyb says:

    Will the whining ever stop? Get over it people, hes gone now.

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  11. Kent 76 says:

    I doubt it, dannyb. There are still people who long for Waters or Christian to come back (but, oddly, never Heath)! But Thomas Wolfe was right -“You Can’t Go Home Again”.

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  12. Dunbar says:

    I am a little surprised we care so much about how he said goodbye (or didn’t). Really, who cares? What difference does it make? I believe it went down just like Dave has stated. Geno would have prefered to handle it differently, but couldn’t. I wonder if Bradley didn’t make it happen this way because they knew the Dayton job was going to pop at any minute. Yes, not handled with class, but this was a multimillion dollar decision and transaction. Being classy was not the biggest concern. I’m not taking this as a shot at little ol’ Kent. This would have happened this way regardless of where he was coming from.

    I’m sure it was said, Don’t let Ford leave wihout a signed contract. This is how things are done in the big city. Even Peoria. I don’t blame them at all. Or Geno.

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  13. Dunbar says:

    Having said the above, kind of It’s not Personal, just Business, I do think that Kent needs to get as much from the buyout as they can. From whereever. That is also life in the big city. Even Kent.

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    • DavidCarducci says:

      Hi guys,

      Still real busy…

      A mutual friend just told me there are a few people who are a little upset with dannyb73 here and on the MACbbs site.

      Anyway, I thought I’d make a quick note just to try to ease the tension a bit…

      Danny is a really good guy, and he can be a little bit like I am when I’m with my friends in that I tend to come across as a little brash when I know or believe I know I am right about something. Maybe brash isn’t the right word, but I certainly get impatient with people who disagree with something I know to be fact because I’m close to a situation and have good information that I know to be true. I find myself constantly saying, listen what I’m saying is a fact. You can disagree with my analysis beyond that, but I’m telling you, I know the initial point to be fact.

      Again, I’m pretty tired, so that may not make sense.

      But anyway. Take it from me. Danny is a really good guy, and his information is almost always very good. We have mutual friends within the men’s basketball program and in the Kent State athletic department. In fact, Danny has often pointed me in the right direction when I didn’t know something, and it helped me get a story.

      I get what he’s going through on the board because sometimes I’m misunderstood, too.
      Just remember, he means well and is trying to share what he knows with fans. While I have to have a different kind of objectivity because of my job, Danny is a KSU fan just like all of you, so that leads to a bit more passion behind what he says.

      Anyway, it’s important to me to keep this blog friendly because, like I said yesterday, this is my release. It’s fun for me. I’d prefer to keep any angry stuff on other websites and just kind of deal here with a free exchange of information like we’ve been doing.

      Honestly, I don’t want Danny to feel like he shouldn’t post here in large part because he’s pretty plugged and a pretty darned good source from me … as are some of the people he knows.

      Hope you all understand.

      • DavidCarducci says:

        By the way,
        I just found out that “dannyb” who posted above is not the same dannyb I know who posts as dannyb73 on the MACbbs site… so I know you are all probably pretty confused now … lol

  14. Dannyb73 says:

    As an FYI – If there is another dannyb (see above), welcome. Just don’t want the folks on the board to mistake me for him. This is the first time I have ever posted on here.

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  15. brashflash says:

    I’m the one and only BrashFlash. Smiley face

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  16. TK says:

    So we move forward and still deal with the broader issue of declining football and basketball programs in the MAC. Faced with declining attendance, poor economy and state cutbacks it will be an uphill battle to keep good coaches around for the long haul. Despite what dannyb (not dannyb73) posted, there needs to be a reality check about fielding a D1 football program in towns that are very small (most much smaller than Peoria btw) and have the sort of money required to brng MAC basketball up to the level of the CAA, MVC, Horizon, or the A-10. Having said that, the average basketball attendance in the MAC for basketball (not including Ohio who has always drawn well back to the 60’s and Jim Snyder) is 2500 per game.

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    • DavidCarducci says:

      Like dannyb said (and sorry for confusing you earlier dannyb … you must have been scratching your head when I said I knew you personally) … it’s a great question regarding getting numbers up across the board. Actually, Laing had some good thoughts about it. I’m going to try to do a story on the topic in the not too distant future.
      At this point, some of these schools would probably just settle for keeping the numbers from continuing to free fall, let alone getting them up.

  17. TK says:

    Hard to be a strong mid major with 2500 fans per game as a conference

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  18. dannyb says:

    I’m the only dannyb here, please dont confuse me for the arrogant poster on the other forum.

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  19. dannyb says:

    TK good point on the league wide attendance. Not how you can get all of the numbers up across the board but they need to get up if we ever want our league taken serious again.

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  20. JPanic says:

    Looking at Geno’s statement when joining Bradley, it looks like he outlines what he didn’t have at Kent State. From

    “Bradley is a special place in the college basketball landscape in terms of size and support of the community, the facilities, the financial support. I would argue this is better than several BCS jobs.”

    It also dawned on me the other day that I normally can recognize guys in the league who were once MAC All-Freshman team. I try to keep an eye on them to see if they progress into stars, and it seems the league has a hard time holding onto talent.

    Of the MAC All-Freshman teams from the past few years:

    2007-08 (would have been seniors this year): McNees and Jakubowski still around (although Jakubowski never panned out); Goins, Allen and Anderson ended up transferring.

    2008-09: Jarrod Jones and Flenard Whitfield still around; Hitchens and DiNunno transferred; Coleman left OU presumably to start a rap career

    2010: Jake Barnett transferred from Toledo; Hutchison, Marshall, Cooper, Scaife still around.

    Nielsen says he doesn’t want Kent State to be a training ground for coaches, but that’s exactly what it’s going to be.

    All told, I think what’s wrong with Kent State basketball is that fans have a hard time getting excited about being in the MAC anymore. I bet if we woke up in a few months to find that we’ve left the MAC for the Horizon or the A-10, we’d see a nice spike in attendance next year. Here’s hoping the MAC commish has some plans to inject some excitement or that Nielsen has an exit strategy.

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    • DavidCarducci says:


      That’s an interesting point regarding the all-freshman team. I hadn’t thought of that.
      Really good stuff.

      And I think you may be right about what you say regarding the Horizon or the A-10, and I think even more with the A-10, that the interest would rise.

      But, to get in with the A-10 and compete, at some point they would have to spend more money on basketball and get a practice facility and some of the other things this team needs. I know people will think, well, we don’t have those things now and we compete, but even things like the fact you wouldn’t be able to be a bus team anymore, that takes money. You would have to fly to all of those conference games. KSU couldn’t afford to do that right now.

      Even here, at some point KSU has to get some of the things that other schools have, like a practice facility, and just as important, a bigger scheduling budget to pay for home games. At some point, not having those type of things is going to catch up with this program.

      I remember Ford saying once upon a time that the first time KSU gets a couple of losing seasons, and that’s going to happen someday, it’s over. And the reason is that KSU attracts players who know they have a chance to win and be part of a tradition. Without the winning and the tradition, what do players come for? They aren’t coming to play in a half-empty, out-of-date arena. They aren’t coming for the bus rides. They aren’t coming for the difficulty to get shots up outside of practice because your court is being used by volleyball or wrestling. They aren’t coming for the comfort of the locker room.

      At some point KSU has to find the donors they need to turn some of this around.

  21. FlashMe says:

    Just read this article. It says Jim Christian and kieth dambrot are both candidates for te Dayton job. What do you think Dave?

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    • DavidCarducci says:

      Hi FlashMe,

      I hope that’s true. Keith Dambrot and Jim Christian both deserve the opportunity.
      For Jim, it would mean a chance to come back to his midwest comfort zone. And it’s a chance to coach a real “program” again and still have the same job perks and the resources that he found at TCU. I know he would succeed.
      Jim is a good friend. I still talk to him often, and I wish only the best for him.

      Keith would also be a huge success at Dayton.
      I consider Keith a friend, too, so selfishly I’d hate to see him go because I’d really miss those chances to catch up with him before and after KSU-Akron games and at the MAC tournament, and also because I love what he has done in building a real program at Akron. Before he got there, the Zips were a team that enjoyed some success. He built it into a program, where the really good guys who played at Akron like Dru and Romeo come back and workout with their current players and care about getting back for games to support what’s going on there … the same things you have at Kent State. I remember Keith once saying that was one of the things he admired about Kent … the way guys came back … and that’s the type of thing that he wanted to build at Akron… he’s done that.
      In terms of working this beat, I also love the fact that KSU and Akron are both strong. It adds to the rivalry. It’s not good for KSU if Akron is down, and it’s not good for Akron if KSU is down. In fact, it’s a horrible thing for the conference if either one is down.
      If Keith left, I hope the Zips could sustain their success. I don’t really know Terry, but I know Keith thinks the world of him, so I assume he’d be a great guy to continue what that program is doing. Keith has built that to the point where he deserves to see his guys take over what he has built if he were to leave.

  22. bulldog says:

    Hey Dave,

    Any hint or news on the asst coaches following Ford to Bradley, staying @ KSU, or pursuing other opportunities?

    When do you expect Nielsen to announce any candidates he is interviewing? By the end of this weekend?

    Do you anticipate the new coach getting the same salary as Ford, $300k, lower, or higher?

    What are the risks of Bradley, Evans, and Brewer decommitting from KSU and going to Bradley or elsewhere or staying with KSU?

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    • DavidCarducci says:

      Hi Bulldog,

      I’ve talked a lot with the assistants, and I think if Senderoff stays there is a good chance you will see the entire staff stay in Kent. You would see Jaden Uken move up to full assistant (something long overdue, but there just wasn’t a spot … He’s had chances to go other places but wanted to move up here at Kent) and Mike McKee moving in to be director of basketball operations.
      If Senderoff doesn’t get the job, they will all have opportunities at other schools, including Bradley.

      I think the announcement will come sometime next week. They will interview candidates at the Final Four, come back, and move fairly quickly. I’m going to put the over-under at noon on Tuesday. Any takers? Over? Under?

      I think if it’s an outside hire, it will have to be at $300k or more. But Nielsen said KSU is comfortable at around $300k and wouldn’t go much higher. My guess is Senderoff would get a bit less. It’s not unusual for someone who gets promoted to get less. For example, Christian was earning I think $250,000 in his last year at KSU. Ford was promoted at $200,000. I think if it’s Senderoff you’d see anything from $200,000 to $250,000.

      The buyout should give KSU basketball a bit more money to do some things … Let’s say Senderoff is the guy they hire and they pay him $200,000 for three years. If KSU settles with Bradley for $600,000 on the buyout, then basically they are getting their new head coach for free during the three years of that contract. And on top of it, you aren’t paying Geno Ford the $300,000 annually. So, in real savings, they are avoiding the $900,000 they would have had to pay Ford over three years. Well, that should go right into the coffer for a new practice facility. Now if they can get $15-million more (or whatever the last plan would have cost).

  23. Dannyb73 says:

    You are the only dannyb here. I am the dannyb73 that knows what he is talking about! (Thanks David for the endorsement).

    I hope most of this is put to bed. Geno is gone. We are going to get our buyout money one way or the other, and hopefully Rob will be named the head coach in the near future.

    We are going to have a great team next year (and the year after) and the football team is going to continue to improve under our new head coach.

    To the folks that are bitter about the attention KSU has paid the football program, they are getting ready to start a major financial campaign for basketball facilities and renovations and they are making that commitment also.

    We are Kent State —— still the program that holds the Reese and Jacoby Cup trophies.

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  24. bopol says:

    Yeah, Dave, thanks for feeding Dannyb73’s fat ego. Maybe he won’t be able to fit his head through the door into the room with his computer and save us from being a prick on multiple forums.

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    • DavidCarducci says:


      I’m sorry man… he has seriously been a big help to me.

      Hopefully he’ll read this too, though, and understand how important I think it is for all of you guys to try to get along … at least while you are on this website.

      It doesn’t help anyone when guys are insulting each other.

      There aren’t enough people out there who care about KSU sports out there. You all need more like you. So to waste time insulting each other is just kind of too bad.

      I really don’t mean to lecture … but I usually don’t realize when people aren’t getting along on other boards because I try to skip over the stuff that looks like bravado or bickering. I don’t find it interesting.

      Once upon a time, I got into it with Steve from Rivals who I consider a friend. It was stupid of me and it led to hard feelings that I wish never happened. Fortunately we moved on from it and we get along great now. And ever since then I swore I wasn’t going to get into silly stuff on these websites.

      I’m trying to avoid that here, so guys, seriously please try to keep the discussions friendly and allow for a free give and take of ideas.

      If people can accept that danny really does have good information, and if he can be a little more patient with people, I think everyone would have a lot more fun.

      Maintaining the blog actually isn’t part of my job. I don’t get paid to do it. I do it because I enjoy it and I like the interaction with all of you. I think it helps build interest in Kent State athletics, too, which is good for my beat and good for my newspaper. And with the way the newspaper business is right now, we need do everything we can to keep people interested.

      Primarily, though, this is about having some fun and doing something that’s less formal than my work at the newspaper.
      It will continue to be fun for me as long as people are being cool to each other (sound like a bit of a hippie there, huh?)

      And I’ll keep doing this as long as it’s fun.

      (unless the Record-Courier decides to start paying me to do this … and then I’m here and everyone can bash away :) )

      I kind of look at this like it’s a sports-radio show dedicated to KSU sports, only you read it instead of listen to it. I think of myself as the host and you guys are the callers. It’s not fun on the radio to listen to bickering, and it’s even less fun to read it.

      • DavidCarducci says:

        By the way, that’s the last preaching. From this point on, there’s enough to talk about with a coaching search and spring football practice underway, so let’s not waste any more time and energy on other stuff that just creates bad feelings.

  25. bopol says:

    Well, your little buddy has pretty much taken all the fun out of it for me, so he’s doing the polar opposite of what you are trying to do (generate interest in Kent State sports and communicate in intelligent ways with each other). I don’t think anyone doubts he has good information; but the forum is about being part of a community, not playing big man on campus of who’s got the most friends in the athletic department. He doesn’t get that part. And brash doesn’t begin to describe it.

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    • DavidCarducci says:

      I understand bopol…

      But for me, saying things like “your little buddy” makes it less fun for me.
      So for now, can we just forget about what’s happened before, and let’s move on and try at least here to do it all differently.

      If you guys want to get into it on other boards, that’s fine. Here, I just don’t want to do it.

      You are an important part of this thing that I’m doing in that you always have good and interesting stuff. I like reading it. I just want to keep all of that going.

      You also have to understand, he’s a good source of information for me, and like any reporter, I don’t want to burn a good source. And I don’t really read all the stuff on NCAAbbs when there are arguments, so I only know that when I talk to him privately, I really like him.

      Like tonight, I got the name of a recruit from him that I hadn’t heard about. That’s a big help to me. I’m sure Danny gets what I want to do here, and he won’t get into it with you or anyone else on this blog.

      Sound good?

      • DavidCarducci says:

        Can we all agree to do it this way…

        NCAAbbs is the place where KSU fans get together to discuss the Flashes and also to joke and chat and debate even occasionally allow those debates to turn into arguments. It’s a fantastic place for Kent State fans to meet up on the internet. In fact, it and are the primary places for KSU fans to meet up on the internet.

        This is a little different. It’s kind of like my lounge at work.

        I use this blog as a supplement to my work at the Record-Courier. It’s fun for me. And it’s my opportunity to interact with Kent State fans who read my stuff. While I’m encouraged to maintain a blog by my newspaper, ultimately I do it for free, and because of that I’m probably a little more free and loose than some other reporters who blog.

        But I choose not to get into fights here and I don’t want anyone to feel like they are going to get put down for their thoughts or ideas here.

        From this point on, as long as everyone is willing to accept everyone else’s opinions and share ideas, you are all welcome to join me here.

        Anyone who feels the need to demean others, please do it somewhere else.

  26. Jimbo says:

    “You are the only dannyb here. I am the dannyb73 that knows what he is talking about!”

    Wow dude you really are a little full of yourself. I’d much rather read what dannyb has to say over you any day of the week and bopol too. You think you know what you are talking about but your arrogance gets in the way of the delivery. And to act like you bring such knowledge and insite by saying you have some big news and then refuse to actually say what it is is such a joke. Breaking news is only that when you actually say what the news is. Come down off your high horse and interact with us common folk like peers and not like the pompous person you have displayed here and elsewhere.

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    • DavidCarducci says:

      I don’t want bopol or dannyb73 to stop coming here.
      If either did, then I’d go from 20 people posting here to 19 or 18.

      I want them both to feel comfortable here from now on.

      What’s the line from Blazing Saddles?

      “We have to protect our phony boloney jobs.”

      In this case, it’s just me wearing the GOV on the back of his jacket who has to protect his job … however, I am willing to pass out paddle balls to everyone here

      … “this thing is warped.”

      (sorry, I always tend to handle every problem by resorting to dumb movie quotes … come back tomorrow when I recite lines from Uncle Buck.)

  27. Jimbo says:

    Hey bopol keep your head up bro, and keep active as I enjoy what you bring to the table.

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  28. Kent 76 says:

    Resorting to movie quotations, David, is an interesting phenomenon. You may have noticed that I do it, too. It sometimes irks people at my A.A. meetings. I have worked with others who do, also. Of course, I often dip into my store house of music lyrics and quotations from books, old television shows, and the like. One time a former co-worker and I discussed having a day when ALL our communications were via such quotations. Sadly, we never got around to it. So, David, name the classic movie from which this one comes. It’s one of my favorites.: “I do not avoid women, mandrake, but I do deny them my essence.”

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    • DavidCarducci says:

      I do notice Kent 76!
      In fact, you and I have even joked about that in the past.

      I’m also the same way with music lyrics, tv quotes, even Yeats quotes … I was going to use a line about gyres from Yeats’ the Second Coming in a story a few weeks ago to illustrate a point, and then I realized nobody is going to care or get it.

      And, nothing better than adding “precious bodily fluids” to a conversation!
      Good pick up Jimbo!
      Ironically, I just got Dr. Strangelove on Blu Ray … now I have an excuse to pop it in asap!

  29. Jimbo says:

    Dr. Strangelove!

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  30. Dunbar says:

    Ever hear of a tune-up? Hee hee hee hee hee.

    Ah, heh heh heh. Ever hear of a ritual killing? Ah, heh heh heh heh heh

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    • DavidCarducci says:


      We need a noise on this website so we can add the sound of the car backfiring as he leaves the school parking lot!

      (EDIT: Actually i just watched the clip … it was as he pulled into the school parking lot … darn it!)

  31. Ty Linder says:

    Actually DC maybe this whole episode can be summed up from this iconic Cap quote:

    “What we got here is… failure to communicate.”

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  32. Kent 76 says:

    Yes, Jimbo, but the question was for Dave! I’m sure he knew it, though. I hope my attempt to get us off Kent State basketball for just a moment or two, so we could all relax, wasn’t too obvious. I like to think that we Kent State people are more eclectic than those from some other schools. LOL

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  33. Kent 76 says:

    Ah yes, Strother Martin in “Cool Hand Luke”. Another classic, Ty.

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  34. bulldog says:

    Thanks for answering those questions Dave. I appreciate it. Next Tuesday @ noon, I will take the over, as Nielsen must have said 10 times, we are going to take our time with this decision.

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  35. Jimbo says:

    “Take this quarter, go downtown, and have a rat gnaw that thing off your face”

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    • DavidCarducci says:

      “Good day to you madam”

      • DavidCarducci says:


        I think taking his time is sometime next week, though.
        Everything I’m hearing at Kent State is that this will move quickly.

        It may be Wednesday or Thursday. I actually probably will take the over, too… but I think it will be Thursday at the latest. Just my guess, and I could ver well be wrong.

  36. Gflash68 says:

    Sometimes a man just has to know his limitations!

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  37. Gflash68 says:

    Man up, man down, your choice

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  38. Kent 76 says:

    Oh, I would have got the Yeats lines. I love the way Sam Waterston as CIA Director Dick Helms recites that poem to Richard Nixon in the DVD version of “Nixon”.

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    • DavidCarducci says:

      Kent 76,

      You know, I have never seen Nixon, so I didn’t now that scene existed.

      I’m a big Yeats fan … in fact, I studied Yeats in Ireland for a summer in college back in 1992. In fact, I actually read under Ben Bulben while standing in the shadow of Ben Bulben. I’m going to have to watch Nixon now.

      “and what rough beast, it’s hour come round at last … Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born” Great stuff!

  39. Dannyb73 says:

    Jimbo – look back at his comments. Look at the posts and the timeline. Mine were in response to him bashing me. You guys are unreal IMO. “Dannyb” doesn’t know me and unless he posts on MACbbs under some other name, would not have one single clue who I was. Actually, it wouldn’t surprise me if someone registered here under that name thinking they were going to pose as me and post a bunch of nonsense to get others to jump on my case. That is when I set the record straight about the fact that I had never posted here until last night.

    In the posts above, before I had EVER posted on this site, Dave was trying to fan the flames between bopol and this supposed “dannyb” (on March 28th). So either someone else pissed in bopol’s cheerios or bopol likes to fight with everyone called dannyb for no real reason. Either way, I have done nothing to deserve being called a “prick” or anything else derogatory, other than being overly confident in the information I provide.

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    • DavidCarducci says:


      I get the frustration and everything.

      Please remember, this is my little place and it’s a chance to share information and interact with all of you about KSU stuff … not about who said what and who’s a this or who’s a that. Again, I’m tired and going on little sleep for another day, so I’m not being very eloquent.

      NCAAbbs is the place where you guys all interact with each other and where you guys can share opinions, have debates and squables.

      On this blog, I look at it as I’m inviting you to join me at my little place. I just don’t want it to become a place where people are arguing back and forth. I just don’t want to read it here.

      So, from now on, there is no room here for anyone talking about anyone else in any way other than to discuss, calmly or intelligently whatever topic is at hand regarding KSU athletics.

      This isn’t a squawk box. So people who are upset with Dannyb73, please don’t take a shot back at him here. I know Dannyb73 well enough to know he will respect what I want this website to be and not be critical of anyone else’s opinions or whatever while he is here.

      People criticize, then people feel the need to respond, then on and on it goes.

      This just isn’t the place for KSU fans to take shots at any KSU fans. That’s not what I want it to be.

      If it becomes that and it’s not fun for me, then it’s time for me to consider this experiment with blogging a failure and try something else.

  40. FlashMe says:

    Dannyb73, do you work for the Kent stater?

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  41. Dannyb73 says:

    FlashMe – no sir. I am alumni from the class of 1995. I live in Memphis, TN.

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  42. Jimbo says:

    Just curious about what information it is that Dannyb73 provides? Saying you know people and having dave confirm you are a swell, but socially deficient person and having ties to people associated with the program doesn’t do much. Saying you have breaking news but not providing what news it is isn’t all that great either. Not trying to stir anything up but from what I see and hear I was just curious.

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  43. Jimbo says:

    Sorry Dave, just read your post after reading one above it and responding to it. Then again if he is the person you keep vouchering for then bantering like gentlemen shouldn’t be a problem.

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    • DavidCarducci says:

      Jimbo, It’s fine.

      I just want to be the last of it.
      Like I said, I get a lot of good information from Danny, and I like him. He is also definitely plugged in.

      From here on, I just want to keep everything civil.

      Everyone can just consider it a personal favor to me.

      One of the differences between this blog and the NCAAbbs to remember is that my bosses read this. While I don’t get paid for it, this is part of their website, and I know they don’t like to have people slinging mud back and forth. It could end up becoming a blog where I post, take emails questions, then post answers, but I like reading people’s thoughts and ideas here, and I think others like it too. so I don’t want to lose that.

  44. Dunbar says:

    I was once an English Major at KSU and had Dr. Benard Tabbs as my advisor. Interesting man, to say the least. I think there is a bench or some item dedicated to his memory over by Satterfield.

    Slouches Towards Bethlehem, probably the most quoted Yeats line in popular culture. Even Charlie Brown. In ‘It’s Christmas Time Again, Charlie Brown’ by Charles M. Schultz, Marcie asks Peppermint Patty ‘Slouching towards Bethlehem again, sir?’

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    • DavidCarducci says:

      Dunbar, yep, I love it.
      Usually I like to be the guy who likes the B-sides to the Stones. But for some reason I love the Second Coming.
      The thing most people don’t understand about it is the gyre theory that Yeats references … he was big into the theory of things spinning away from their comfort zone, getting so far out and eventually spinning out of control, but then that they have to eventually spin back into control. I’m not explaining that well … but that’s what he is talking about at the beginning of the poem with the falcon turning and turning into the widening gyre, and the falcon not being able to hear the falconer, things falling apart and the center not holding … yadda yadda yadda.

      I’m sure there are some KSU fans here fascinated by all of that :)

      The heck with the coaching vacancy! What’s this about the gyres? … right?

      It was interesting, though. I remember the first class I had about Yeats and gyres felt almost like a geometry class with cones drawn on top of inverted cones.

  45. Dannyb73 says:


    Did you see my Seinfeld reference on the MACbbs board yesterday? It was pretty classic. The “jerkstore” reference!

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    • DavidCarducci says:

      Dannyb73, I didn’t see it…

      Funny thing about that episode … If I remember right, didn’t he fly to Akron?

      And is it sad that I sometimes find that I identify with George Costanza more than any other fictional character?

  46. Jimbo says:

    Sorry Dave, got it. I don’t want to see your space spiral out of hand like the other places do when people don’t know how to act.

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    • DavidCarducci says:

      Thanks Jimbo …

      And that spiraling out of control … it brings us back to the gyre theory. That’s exactly what Yeats was talking about.

      Holy cow. Yeats was right! The world really is a system of gyres.

      “Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world”

      (seriously, for those of you who haven’t read the poem, it’s worth it … can’t help it. I’m an old English major)

  47. Kent 76 says:

    This is that scene, David. Oddly, it wasn’t in the original theatrical release.

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    • DavidCarducci says:

      Thanks Kent 76,

      I think it’s on netflix to watch instantly … I might check it out now that I have some time to relax

  48. FlashFan says:

    OK, movie buffs, who gave us this one:

    “My Mama always said you’ve got to put the past behind you before you can move on.”

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  49. FlashMe says:

    Forest gumps mother said that I do believe.

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  50. Kent 76 says:

    You’re welcome, David. There are some splendid performances in that movie, such as Anthony Hopkins as Nixon, Joan Allen as pat Nixon, Ed Harris as E. Howard Hunt…One of my favorite lines is when Hunt says of Nixon, “He is the darkness…reaching out for the darkness.”

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