Jarvis out for the season with kidney injury

| September 14, 2009

Eugene Jarvis will miss the remainder of the 2009 season with a kidney injury.

According to sources close to the Kent State football team, the star running back suffered a lacerated kidney in Saturday’s loss to Boston College. When Jarvis checked into the hospital, they discovered he was born with only one kidney.

Kent State is already starting its campaign to have the NCAA grant a sixth season of eligibility. Jarvis is a fifth-year senior you was a redshirt as a freshman due to an eligibility question. Due to a mistake by his high school, the NCAA ruled him academically ineligible. The NCAA then changed its mind and ruled him eligible after two-thirds of the season was in the books.

More to come …

ALSO … it looks like Giorgio Morgan may miss the Iowa State game with his injured ankle.

A QUICK NOTE … I just learned that the first team to call Kent State to ask about Eugene and ask where they could send flowers was the University of Akron. ┬áThe Zips demonstrated some real class in a genuine show of concern, and that’s nice in a football rivalry that has had some ugly moments in the past with both teams doing some silly things on and off the field. It’s good to see a rival reach out like that.

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  1. Kent 76 says:

    That’s a shame. I hope he heals quickly. Didn’t former KSU RB David Alston get a sixth year, or is my memory faulty?

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  2. GoFlashes says:

    Prayers go out to Jarvis for a return to good health. He’s a tough kid and a tremendous player. He’ll really be missed.

    On a related note, it’s not such a bad thing that Dri Archer got some time in the BC game as now he’ll be needed.

    And now we find out that Giorgio Morgan is still hurt. That’s not a surprise. Anyone watching the first game of the season knew Morgan should have been pulled after KSU had the lead in the second half.

    You hear all kinds of reasons why coach Martin kept him in the game against CCU. Those who have played sports know how bad you can mess up an ankle by continuing to play after it’s been injured.

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  3. Bill Palma says:

    You wonder if Morgan’s ankle injury will linger through the season. The way he was hobbling around against CCU, and BC, it doesn’t look good. I sincerely hope all is well with Eugene Jarvis, and his health issues. Maybe he will be granted a sixth season of eligibility.

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  4. Flash Fan says:

    Sorry to have this thought, but can he play again with one kidney? Sure hope so.

    Yes, touch of class by the Zips.

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  5. DavidCarducci says:

    Flash Fan,

    It’s not unheard of.

    Doctors usually discourage people with one kidney from playing contact sports. But there are plenty of cases of guys who have played football with only one kidney. Dominique Rogers-Cromartie of the Arizona Cardinals was born with only one healthy kidney. The non-functioning kidney was removed when he was 8 years old. He was a first-round pick in 2008 and has a contract worth $15.1 million.

    If Jarvis returns — and KSU thinks the NCAA will grant the sixth year — then he will have to wear a flak jacket and probably some other padding to protect the kidney. Usually, players also have to sign a waiver of liability.

    As I understand it, Giorgio is expected to make a full recovery. He is in Robinson Memorial Hospital now, and should be there for around a week.

    In addition to Akron calling to show concern, I’ve heard that Josh Cribbs, Abe Elam, Usama Young and Jack Williams (all former KSU players currently in the NFL) have called Eugene personally. I believe Geno Ford, who is at a workout of a recruit in Philadelphia, also called Jarvis. It’s nice to see the support from rivals and also from the extended Kent State family.

  6. TheWJ says:

    How did the Freshman from Arkansaw play in the BC game? Jarvis must be really bummed. This was his year to show NFL scouts that he was real play maker, and does he really want to come back for a sixth year? It seems like we still have a long way to fall and maybe a new coach next year with LK retiring does he really want to be part a a team like that?

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    • DavidCarducci says:

      Hi WJ,

      Spencer Keith looked like a true freshman at the start. First throw was picked (and it was ugly)… fumbled a snap a little bit later.
      But as he got more and more comfortable and looked pretty good by the end … granted against BC’s second and third teams, but still, he played fairly well.

      From everything I’ve heard, Jarvis is taking this all pretty well. Everyone who I’ve talked to who has also talked to Eugene says he is talking about wanting to come back.
      I think he’d only do that if Martin is back, and I expect Martin to be back.
      Laing Kennedy doesn’t retire until the end of the school year. That’s when a new AD would come in, and its pretty tough to fire and hire a head coach in July after the football team has already gone through spring practice.
      What kind of a coach do you get then?
      Also, with Kent State in the financial shape it is in, I don’t see the university buying out Martin, buying out his staff, then paying a new head coach.
      Martin is already the lowest paid coach in the entire country. Buying out his $190,000, then paying a new coach something like $220,000 … that would mean more than $400,000 being spent on head football coaches in the next two years. I don’t see that happening.

  7. ksu315 says:

    Dave – you hit it right on. LK retiring has bought Martin another year. He could go 1-11 this year and i dont think get fired. LK will not want to go out firing a coach and then straddling a new AD with a coach that’s not “his guy”. So effectively Martin has this year and next to impress the new AD or it will be a certainty that the Monday after Thanksgiving in 2010 he will be out of a job.

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  8. Bulldog says:

    Horrible news about Morgan having to miss time, but even worse news for Eugene. I sure hope that Flowers, Vanderink, and Archer are ready to play and step up, as well as Spencer Keith and Magazu.

    Dave, did any other players suffer injuries during the BC game?

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    • DavidCarducci says:

      Hi Bulldog,

      As far as I know, there were no other injuries against BC.

      I think Martin will make the right decision by sitting Morgan this week. As much as he’d love to have him against Iowa State, the MAC season is so much more important. He needs the time to heal, and this will be valuable experience for Spencer Keith. The good thing there is Keith saw some success at Boston College at the end of the game, so he won’t be as wide-eyed this Saturday.